1. A lump of clay : No shortcuts here!
  2. The wheel : Our master potter throws the form on an electric wheel. After the shape dries, the next step is to trim the excess clay off the sides and base. This gives the final product a perfect shape, thickness and weight.
  3. The kiln : The first firing known as the bisque, turns the form from nasty grey to a pristine white. Whew, time for some color!
  4. Jazz it up : A pattern (designed by Ms. Jill) is then sketched onto the surface in pencil by the talented Ichiko Kato. Colors are pulled from our vast assortment and then the painting begins. Each drop of paint must be pushed and evenly spread inside all the lines. Just like you did in your coloring book… only this time it’s perfect!
  5. Glaze : After the paint has dried, we dip the piece into a bucket of green goo glaze… twice! It’s the consistency of heavy cream, but non toxic and lead free.
  6. Back into the kiln : The green goo will turn into a smooth, glass finish and the piece is fully functional!
  7. Extra glitz and a final luster firing : We trim the edges of the piece in liquid 14K gold and then fire to a cone 18 temperature one last time in the kiln.
  8. Oh la la : It’s packaged very carefully and shipped from our Boston studio to you!

We design and hand make ceramic pottery in our Boston studio. It’s one of a kind, custom, giftware, serveware, tableware with a gilted 14k gold edge.
We also collaborate with talented people across the US to design and produce pattern filled rugs, fabric and other happy home decor.
369 Congress Street, Floor #2 | Boston, MA 02210 | 617 422 0787 | info@jillrosenwald.com
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