Born in NYC, Jill got her groovy crafty start at summer camp designing macrame wall hangings and leather bracelets. After getting caught by NYC undercover cops for illegally selling on the streets — Jill went legit and showed her ceramics at the ACC craft market in West Springfield, MA. She hit it big with her first client, Neiman Marcus. The operation was “just Jill”… using the pay phone to run the ops. But as orders began to grow she knew she needed her own phone, and so moved into the first studio in Somerville, MA.

Jill met the man of her dreams, the irresistibly cute Lawrence McRae, who rescued her from being thrown out of her first studio and helped her build the next. They were married in 1997. Her first child Dorothea Lillian was born in 1999 and her son Loch Pablo was born in 2003.

After becoming a sensation as a licensed designer she signed 7 agreements in quick succession to design dinnerware, rugs, pillows and more. Including an agreement with Surya with whom she began her popular collection of Fallon rugs.

The current studio arrived in 2008. Abuzz with creative minds that share passion and resources – our creative spirit fills with new ideas daily! In 2009, Jill started her blog where she shares her style, inspiration and hilariously witty opinons.

Hey Jill! Where do you go or what to do you to get inspired?
I get asked this question so often, and I am tempted to say something ridunk like… my fridge. But seriously, vacation is great for inspiration but truly there is no telling when that stuff is going to happen. You just better love what you do or it is going to get pretty tough.

What advice would you give to your 23-year-old self?
Get a job and work for your idol first… and maybe go to business school. That would be the start.

Lawrence McRae

Lawrence is not only  Jill’s partner and collaborator in bizniz..he is her hubby too.  His eponymous line of hand carved ceramics is outrageously beautiful, and is known for a modern and sophisticated design approach. Though many are fooled by the sheer perfection of his forms believing them to be  machine made, they are in fact handmade – every detail impeccably crafted. Pop over to his Tweets | Website | Pinterest

Ichiko Kato

Ichiko and Jill have been a dynamic ceramics duo since 2000. The talent Ichiko brings to the studio is seen in every piece of pottery she makes (and there’s a lot of them!). Ichiko grew up in the mountains of Japan. She is also a very proud mother, loves cats, surfing and salsa dancing. She enjoys painting with the color Papago while listening to classical music or Velvet Underground.

Laura DeLorenzo

Laura is our rock star (painter / slash / model)! Laura completed her undergraduate work at MassArt in 2013, and started working for us soon after. Laura brings a lot of sweet energy to the studio and all her Jill Rosenwald pots are made with lots of love and loads of precision. You can also see her modeling Jill Rosenwald products in a lot of our photos! Check out her Instagram.

Somerby Jones

Somerby aka Somer is our dream come true! She loves to photograph food, farms, artisans, architecture and anything made by hand. Somerby currently lives in Boston. Visit her Website | Tumblr | Pinterest | Instagram

Lizzie Vaughan

Lizzie first met Jill in 2009 and she has been Jill’s #1 fan ever since! She enjoys designing Jill’s email blasts, web content and marketing materials (especially since Jill has NO FEAR of color!). Her favorite things include: fiestaware, Antique Quilts, Patsy Cline and scented candles. Visit her on Instagram | Tweets | Website | Pinterest

We design and hand make ceramic pottery in our Boston studio. It’s one of a kind, custom, giftware, serveware, tableware with a gilted 14k gold edge.
We also collaborate with talented people across the US to design and produce pattern filled rugs, fabric and other happy home decor.
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