NY Now Fall 2017

posted on August 8th, 2017

We are busy bees here in the studio getting ready for NY Now Fall 2017…

Colors were chosen. Blue is by far our most popular and favorite color, so we naturally chose some show-stopping blues. Gray is soft, subtle and classic, and lastly we think pink is the perfect pop!

And then we played with a whole bunch of new patterns! We are giving ourselves a “hi-five” on this one, which we think is going to be a hit…

Linus was definitely one of our most popular patterns last season so we updated it a bit with a new horizon version. This time the loose, flowy lines and color disappear as they gets closer to the top.

We are really excited to show off our new Le Bird pattern, we think the bold bird and it’s nest of leaves and branches is captivating and a statement for any room.

Our cute sprout pattern is going to be popping up in pink!

And we will have an array of beautiful grays…

Part of the process is to see how it all looks together before the real deal. This is our chance to tweak and move things around till it’s just right and ready.

Hope to see you in NYC, we are at booth 2949, please come say hi!

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