Holiday Photoshoot & Breather Inc.

posted on December 8th, 2016

We wanted to do something super special for our holiday shoot this year; the first step was finding a new inspiring and location to use. We needed an accessible space, somewhere that could accommodate all of our pots and props without bothering someone in their home or workspace.  Breather Inc. was the answer; they own an extensive network of beautiful, private work spaces to rent by the hour.  Breather does an amazing job carefully and creatively designing each space.  There was an elevator, private bathroom, large windows, and (gasp) we even managed to find parking.  With several locations in Boston, we chose the Boylston St. location for it’s funky leather sofa, wonderful large wooden meeting table and it’s accent blue wall.  It was super easy to book; we downloaded the app, checked in, and were able to access the space instantly.  The clean, quiet space was the perfect change from our routine shoot.  If you are looking for a new workspace, a meeting room to impress a client, maybe you just need a break from the daily routine to get refreshed, or need a new backdrop for a photoshoot, check out a Breather location!   (did we mention that they’re not just all over the US but all over the world too?! Check out their insta to see beautiful spaces around the globe, we’re pretty in love with their London spaces, a girl can dream right?)



Now on to the holidays! Every year we do a styled shoot just for the holidays and this year it was all about glamming it up with gold accents. We love the warmth gold brings into your home, especially during the winter months and into the new year.  Breather had two gorgeous work tables with chairs, we cut fresh greens & berries, brought fresh pomegranates, and pieces from our lux alt stripe collection to create a faux christmas dinner centerpiece.





We brought some Lawrence McRae pieces to shoot as well. We loved how well they fit into the space and really pop. Breather spaces feel super homey, unlike our space, where its hard to find a shot without clay or paint!





Happiest of Holidays and Thank you Breather!

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