Jill Rosenwald X The Everyday Co. Makers Towel: Limited Edition

posted on November 1st, 2016


We are so excited to share with your our latest collaboration, not ceramics this time, but rather the perfect Makers Towel, for your home, studio or workplace. Along with dear friend and amazing maker herself, Kathryn of The Everyday Co. we designed something special from fabric that we have had here at the studio.  Printed a few years ago right here in Massachusetts by the great Peter Fasano with our signature Hampton Links pattern; the fabric was just waiting to be repurposed and find new life.. After a few brainstorming sessions and a lot of fun, we decided to create a sturdy, useable makers towel in two different colors options. 


We made the towel slightly larger than Kathryn’s Everyday Hand Towels and beefed up the hook to match the weight and feel of the fabric. Along with Kathryn’s amazing team, Caitlin and Marta, they gathered and picked out the details. Edge colors, twill weight, twill colors. We love the added custom twill tag that helps tell the story of something so special.



As Kathryn said, “Whether you’re a gardener, painter, chef or oyster shucker . . . mom, pop, homemaker, shopkeeper . . . you’re a maker and we hope our Makers Towel brings you joy and inspiration.”

Thanks Kathryn for all your hard work, dedication, inspiration and for making this idea come to life!


Cheers to all the makers out there and You Got This!

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