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posted on October 18th, 2016



How did Lekker start and what makes it different?

We [husband and wife duo Natalie & Curt] were both ready to leave corporate life. We are huge fans of the unique local designer home stores that you find in Amsterdam, and we wanted to bring that experience to Boston. At the time we opened, we were the first in the neighborhood to focus on importing goods from Europe. We appreciate warm, modern, iconic mid-century design.


How has Lekker changed over the years and what is next?

We quickly outgrew our first store, and so moving allowed us a much bigger showroom. We’re now able to showcase our favorite furniture designers by the most exciting brands, and offer really fantastic service. We find service is key in the retail environment. In our store, you’re able to see the furniture in person, experience the textures, see the actual wood grain, play with colors via swatches, and receive an overall well-rounded and educated experience. We’re hopeful to open up another showroom in the next few years. We’ve also embraced e-commerce and expanded our presence on the web.


Can you talk a little bit about e-commerce and what it means for you as a retail store?

E-commerce has allowed us to expand our reach to many more clients and designers. A great website is invaluable. Our goal is to bring the in-store experience online with engaging lifestyle photography and inspirational content so a customer can envision a piece in their home. We then make the purchasing process simple with excellent online customer service. We see a lot of potential in e-commerce and plan to continue to grow our audience.


Besides e-commerce and in-store foot traffic what is key to your success?

Trade is a pivotal element of this industry. We develop close relationships with interior designers and architects, and reach out to offer assistance on any new projects they’re working on. Providing them with honest and accurate information creates great loyalty. With trade as a cornerstone of our business, we work hard to foster our relationships by providing great service, collaborating, and keeping communication open.



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