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posted on October 4th, 2016


Can you tell us a little bit about how Follain started and what is it all about?

Follain was started 3 years ago by Tara Foley who at the time was blogging and noticed a gap in the market between the new awareness around a healthy lifestyle with regards to food and organic products vs. beauty products. People were becoming more conscious about what they were putting in their bodies, but not on their bodies. Tara strives to educate consumers about healthy, wholesome and sound beauty products. We have four stores now, the first store that Tara designed herself and actually hand tiled is located in the South End; the other locations are in Beacon Hill, Nantucket and D.C. 


What is different and unique about Follain? 

Follain is dedicated to featuring safe beauty products from independent and small businesses. We like to partner with brands to help each other grow while raising awareness. We require that our partners are transparent about their ingredients as a means to educate our consumers on what is truly safe in the beauty industry. We believe in safer products, a safer lifestyle and sharing the stories behind the brands and makers we carry. 


Speaking of makers…can you explain to people what your Meet the Makers events are? 

Yes! Our Meet the Makers events are a chance for our clients to meet the founders and creators of our brands and serves as a platform for the makers to share their stories. We want to provide our customers authentic and genuine interactions with the people and businesses behind our passionate brands. 

What advice do you have for someone interested in safer beauty products? 

We really believe in education. We have testers and samples for products and want our clients to feel comfortable and informed when they are exploring this new lifestyle. We have found that from having a genuine one-on-one experience, in our stores, with one of our team members, a customer is more likely to leave happy and will ultimately then become loyal to Follain and our brands. We find that as a company with small businesses in mind, even as we expand, our customers remain loyal to Follain and we are thankful that we have helped them transition to a safer lifestyle. 


What is the vision for Follain’s future? 

We want to be a big part of the movement for safer skincare. There is a huge gap between regulations for skincare and cosmetics companies in the US vs. Europe. We don’t think that gap is necessary. We want to support the movement within America because other countries are so far ahead of us. It is misleading to the consumer that the big name beauty companies that we all thought were trustworthy are actually not really safe. We want to be the destination to find the products that our customers know are safe. Big picture, we would love to open more stores around the country and continue to expand the mission and movement. 


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