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posted on August 9th, 2016

Next up on our tour of women owned business here in Boston is the unbelievably talented designer Jill Goldberg of Hudson Interior Design and her impeccably creative and curated Hudson Store in the South End.

We stopped by to chat with Jill about all things retail, interior design and business.


Jill has done an amazing job of creating a cohesive brand that is fluidly represented from her store to the amazing interiors she designs.

Why have a retail store and what does it add to your brand?

I feel that the retail store creatively feeds our brand differently from the way my design business does. The store allows me to freely experiment with different new designs and products. I am always mindful of keeping the store and our design services on brand. I want the store to have the Hudson “feel” which to me means being able to live in a stunning and comfortable home; one that combines classic New England with casual California. I want people to feel those things when they visit the store and my hope is that our aesthetic will inspire them to hire Hudson Interior Design.


What are some of your goals and projects for the future?

I really want to grow the interior design side of my business, possibly grow into e-design. Also, I am working to design wholesale fabrics and wall papers. Hopefully, these extensions will be the roots to grow my design services nationally.


What advice do you have for someone just starting out or wanting to get into the interior design business?

My best advice is to intern and get experience with established designers to gain a base of knowledge. Spend time researching and learning from people you admire and observe how they run their business. I say, keep your ears open and listen, hear and learn how to interact with clients, delegate tasks, and lead.


What are some challenges of doing a retail store?

One of the biggest challenges facing the retail and design world is the online economy. People can search for any item they see in a store and compare it to online carriers and to online prices. It is so important in retail to offer to do more custom work and offer really special pieces that customers can discover. In retail, it is about being as unique, original and custom as possible. One way Hudson offers customization is through our In-Store design. Clients can work with our team to rework a single room. The process and service is really geared towards the client who needs help re-decorating on a smaller budget, but wants to get some pieces whether that be accessories, fabrics or furniture that will update their space. The designer works with the client to then design and purchase items from the retail store.

In addition, there is a concierge side of Hudson; if a customer is looking for something specific, Hudson can search through their vendor connections and help a client find exactly what they are looking for. It is the ultimate goal of Hudson to be a helpful resource and and have clients leave feeling like they were inspired, listened to and catered to so they have the best possible experience……..and that might include a cute sniff or lick from the store pup Rufus.


Thanks Jill for letting us stop by and chatting! Stay tuned for more features.


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