NY Now- Spring!

posted on February 9th, 2016

We just arrived back from a wonderful NYNow Gift Show. This year we tried to do things a little different and are always pushing ourselves to go bigger and better than previous years. Our color chip wall has always been a stand out feature at the studio so we wanted to recreate that experience for customers visiting the booth.

This year…we came up with 100 color vases to display and we have to say, we LOVED it and so did our visitors!


These are our new Bando Vases, each labeled with their color in handwritten gold script!


Since color is our thing, we wanted it to stand out strong in the booth, but not overwhelm. Our design idea was to have sections of neutral pieces accented with sections of brave & bold color.


And before each show we do some fun photoshoots…



Thanks to all who stopped by, we had such a fun time design, prepping and bringing newness to the booth and our fans out there. Cheers to a great show and to the love of color!


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