Meet the Makers: Julia

posted on June 30th, 2015

As part of a new series on the blog, we want to introduce to everyone to the players here on the Jill Rosenwald Team!

Julia is our hand-painter, she hand draws, paints and glazes our pieces.

What is your art background? I attended Lesley University’s College of Art and Design here in Boston, where I majored in illustration and fine art. I have always loved work that is inspired by nature, floral patterns and think that is why I was so drawn to Jill. A lot of her patterns have that natured inspired element that speaks to me. I also love her geometric patterns because I have always paid a lot of attention to detail; being precise and methodical.


How long have you been at the studio? Just a few months.


What is your favorite part of being part of Jill’s team and process? I love painting. I draw the patterns, glaze and fire and unload the kiln, but as an artist, it is amazing that my job is to be a painter.


Do you have a favorite piece to paint? The skinny vases would have to be my favorite. They are small, cute and can go anywhere. They blend in well with any space and are practical.


Do you have a favorite pattern in general? My favorite piece to draw is the Dotty pattern. It is really fun to decide where the polka dots cascade over the piece. I like it so much because there is this little bit of freedom when drawing it.


Lastly, since we LOVE color, what’s your favorite Jill color? Chartreuse is definitely my favorite color, but my favorite color to paint would be navy.

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  1. susy says:

    Julia! so great to see what lovely work you are doing!!

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