Meet the Makers: Ichiko

posted on June 18th, 2015

As part of a new series on the blog, we want to introduce to everyone to the players here on the Jill Rosenwald Team!

Meet Ichiko! Ichiko and Jill have been a dynamic ceramics duo since 2000. The talent Ichiko brings to the studio is seen in every piece of pottery she makes (and there’s a lot of them!).

What is your art/cermics background? Growing up I always wanted to be an architect, but really I was always making things and good with my hands so I took naturally to ceramics and painting.


How long have you been at the studio? 15 years!


What is your favorite part of being part of Jill’s team? The environment of the studio, it has wonderful creative energy that I love being a part of. I love having a creative career.

What is your favorite part of the process? Drawing the pieces/patterns is my favorite.


We are all about pattern here, do you have a favorite Jill pattern as well? I am really loving the new Round Hill pattern.


Lastly, since we LOVE color, what’s your favorite Jill color? Papago! You can never go wrong choosing papago.


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