highpoint market visit

posted on November 12th, 2013

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last month (is it november already?) i visited highpoint market in north carolina for the furniture market that takes place there twice a year.  (shown above and below books from e lawrence ltd.)

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if you have never been..and you are into that sort of thing..it is certainly mind blowing! so much to see! so much to take in!

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i go to catch up with my peeps at surya who are my rug partners..and not only do they truly make a gorgeous product, but they rock an amazing showroom at market!

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i also go to take in new product from the multitudes of vendors that are showing their work there to designers and retailers from around the globe.  shown below are some handblown forms from the makers at Sklo..i loved the way they showed color..simple and pure.

photo_2 (6)

i thought that this matchbox from Go Home was clever and fun..shh it’s a secret!

photo_1 (6)

i finally met the charming John Dransfield from Dransfield and Ross an amazing pillow line i have long admired. I enjoyed learning about how intense their process is that goes into making all of their pillows..incredible!

photo_1 (7)


and finally, a visit to highpoint isn’t complete without a visit to the Global Views showroom..they are genius are cobbling together looks from an enormous variety of products..using color as a guide, as well as, style periods…as in this mid century moment below.

photo_5 (1)

and i loved this ode to green..one of my all time favorite colors.

photo_3 (8)

goodbye highpoint..until next time!


2 responses to “highpoint market visit”

  1. Jill Kalman says:

    Great selections you highlighted Jill!

  2. Jodi B says:

    I’m obsessed with those books!!!

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