..and then there was the bees knees supply co!

posted on April 3rd, 2013

yesterday, i think my head just about exploded (cue exploding head) when i wandered into the newest addition to what is quickly becoming boston’s grooviest neighborhood..fort point.
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the bees knees supply co. is jason owens (formerly of M3 and American provisions fame) latest (ad)venture in gourmet food.
this place is beyond! so fancy, so fresh, so fabby, so special-y..it hardly makes sense..i mean there is absolutely nothing in all of boston that can come close to matching this merchant’s flair.  par example..olive oils with a heritage!
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lemon ade from the victorian era!

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heavenly fromage..

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a sweet spot for shmoozing and sipping a handpressed latte..

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fleurs from somerville’s foret..

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they even chalk their handsome buckets with a list of flowers in an arrangement (tres sensitive)

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fig almond cake!?

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super specialty sod-y pop


wine like you read about..



wow!  so today when i met the super charming jason himself..and i mentioned how blown away i was, he just took it all in his stride..but when i inquired whether he thought that our little neighborhood could support his venture, he said..’they’re coming from all over..we’re working on arranging for parking across the street..and planning some fun take out sandwiches for the warmer months’ ..oh yeah!  can somebody say Lobstah roll?


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  1. Love your blog Jill!
    C’est super! ;)

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