Jill’s Key Bedding part trois

posted on March 15th, 2013

finally back..and on the Acela en route to the home fashions show in NYC today. i wanted to introduce you to our version of a greek key bed..this one is so soft and lovely. what a great reinterp of our pottery line! i particularly love all the different textures incorporated here..from the fab printed euros to the sleek taupe/tangerine bedskirt! yessss!
key bed web

20 responses to “Jill’s Key Bedding part trois”

  1. Jill — love this bedding — may have to redo my master bedroom!

  2. taran says:

    i think my favorite!

  3. Valerie says:

    Where can i buy this set???? i loveeee it!

  4. Jolene Howard says:

    I love this duvet set. Where do I find the bed skirt? I have searched high and low. Help!!

  5. hi jolene,
    thank you for writing to us with this request about the bed skirts for Jill’s Key Bedding. I am so happy to hear that you love the set!
    We have heard from so many who are interested in skirts that there is now a plan to get those out. Be sure to go over to Bed Bath and Beyond to look for them in the next few weeks..and leave a comment here http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/jill-rosenwald-reg-jills-key-duvet-cover/212517?Keyword=jill%26%2339%3bs+key+duvet
    it will make a big difference in their paying attention!

  6. Stephanie Karolewski says:

    When do you anticipate the bedskirts being available? I keep checking every week at bed bath and beyond but they still do not have it available. The bed skirt is all I need to complete my master bedroom renovation :)

  7. Brittany says:

    I am also looking for the bedskirt. I have purchased the rest of the set and would Ike to complete my master bedroom. Where could I find it?

  8. as of this point the bedskirt was not produced by the manufacturer..much to my chagrin!

  9. Marie says:

    I love this duvet but refuse to buy it because nobody wants just the duvet. We want the whole set!!

  10. Jolene Howard says:

    You mentioned back in March that the duvet would be a few weeks yet. I still cannot find it anywhere. I sure do regret purchasing this duvet cover. :(

  11. Krystal says:

    Any idea where to get that sheet set, the white sheets with the orange piping?

  12. Jolene Howard says:

    Good luck getting the sheets Krystal. Unfortunately I bought the duvet cover, being told the bed skirt would be about 2 weeks out. That was not the case. Now I sit with a VERY partial bedroom set and very unhappy!!

  13. hi there krystal (and jolene)back in august i mentioned here that there was not to be a bed skirt produced for this collection , nor the white/orange pipe sheet set, despite all my complaints..my apologies to you both! as the designer, i have zero control over manufacturing decisions. i can suggest..and i love hearing from my customers what it is they are looking for. so thank you for the request..and i will look into finding it for you if this is at all possible!

  14. Stephanie Karolewski says:

    Wait!?!? There will not be a bed skirt? I am so disappointed that I spent all that money on everything else and now my room will sit unfinished! I am very disappointed and will stop recommending the bedding to friends :(

  15. Jolene Howard says:

    I completely agree Stephanie!! This is crap!! I ordered the set, and was under the assumption in two weeks I could get the skirt!! I am also very irate. I wasted all this money for nothing. Thank you Jill!!

  16. stephanie and jolene! I just found the skirt on bed bath and beyond.
    sorry for the inconvenience. i will look into finding the white sheet with the orange piping that krystal was interested in, and get back to all of you.

  17. Stephanie Karolewski says:

    YEAH!!! You just made my day even better! I have already ordered it and cant wait to finally have my room complete. Thank you!

  18. Jolene Howard says:

    Thank you!! I will also be ordering it!!

  19. Trupti says:

    Hi Jill, I know I’m way late in the game, but will this bed set (Jill’s Key in Orange + Taupe) be back available any time soon? I’ve been obsessed with it for years and can’t find it anywhere. I am interested in the King size duvet, orange & white pillow, and orange shams at the least. Please bring this back at BBB! :)

  20. hi there trupti. unfortunately, the key in taupe and tangerine Jill’s key bedding has been discontinued. Look out for new additions to the Bed Bath and Beyond Jill Rosenwald assortments in the near future.
    thanks for your comment.

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