New Year’s Rezzies

posted on January 5th, 2013

1. spend more time at the local museums particularly the ICA..which is literally down the street.
{full disclosure…i have not been to see the isabella’s new wing..wahhh}
ica // isabella stewart gardner musuem // Our Neighborhood

2. continue my workout regime…that includes yoga & robert jones cardio!!
REI Yoga Mat in Olive

3. include pantone color of the year *emerald green* in our spring collection.
See our Emerald Green Inspiration on Pinterest (including my dining room, which we just painted in this hot color!)

4. enliven all outfits with all important accessory pieces whenever possible.
J.Crew Enameled Frog Bracelet // Stella McCartney Aviator Sunglasses in Gold & Blonde // Mac Coral Lipstick // Contrast Dotted Silk Scarf // Diane von Furstenberg Citrine Gracie Bar Lock Clutch Bag

5. introduce a bold floral (coral & orchid) for spring into our collection for 2013.
Check out my floral sketchbook!

6. stripes fever!! Nope, still not over it. Not sure we ever will be. Stripes will reign again in 2013.
See our Stripe Inspiration on Pinterest!

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