posted on October 26th, 2012

my cousin robbie has written a tell-all memoir that i have been reading over the last few days. though i knew it was causing quite a bit of hub bub within our family..due to the expose-ish nature of the text..i hadn’t read a word of it til this weekend..and..I LOVE IT! the book is about growing up in nyc, spoiled and unattended to like oh so many of my friends from those days. though from the outside he may have looked like he had it all {fancy last name, money, good looks & shwagger}..on the inside he was lonely sad pathetic and really lost. the book is painfully sad and hysterical..but

the thing i can’t figure out for the life of me is whether i love it because it is so good..or whether i just am interested in it because i am so familiar with the people and the be the judge. here is an excerpt that was printed in the nytimes a couple of weeks ago.

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