momma’s day

posted on May 14th, 2012

normally, i am not one for the big holidays…as i am a don’t believe the hype-type of gal. so heading into mother’s day..i do NOT get too excited. let us just say i keep expectations pretty low. let’s face it. it is a commercial they all are. but sometimes..just sometimes..something beautiful happens. this mother’s day i was without my she was working all weekend on a school project with a friend. but we did have our 9 yr old with us. very flustered in the am yesterday he put his fingers to his lips in a shushing gesture..huh? he disappeared, and with much fuss and frenetic energy, i was ceremoniously presented with a soft boiled egg with it’s egg-shell on-rolling around inside of a plastic bowl with a wet piece of bread draped on top. hmm. and then this. well i died.

the above looks JUST like me! and look..she is eyeing that wine with quite a bit of enthusiasm..huh? a mani pedi? from my son..pretty sweet!

“hey..i’ll give up screens..but don’t ruin my weekend mom!”

“i’ll read..but you got a month to cash in..period!”

could you just?

2 responses to “momma’s day”

  1. Jessica Lau says:

    omg Loch is the cutest kid on earth!

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